CINE.AR TV Channel


Ambitious Work

One of our most ambitious works: For the Argentinian Film Institute's television channel, GOTIKA has made different tenders between 2010 and today. Hundreds of films –our heritage– have been restored and remastered.

Demo Reel of Works Realized for INCAA TV (2010-2015)

Pleased Audience

Since 2010 we have been winning various tenders for CINE.AR TV Channel (formerly INCAA TV). The industrial remastering process of picture and sound. Hundreds of hours of video and audio broadcast restored and remastered with the corresponding approval of technical quality control by the play out and audience's satisfaction. The improvement is remarkable audio and video on the simple viewing of titles.

Before/After | Un Guapo Del 900 (Lautaro Murúa, 1971) | Restored by GOTIKA

Our heritage

Restore films for the channel mean more than a job. The company decided to support the channel with competitive prices to achieve the rescue of most titles of our film history. Our heritage. Our memory as a people.

Before/After | La Terraza (Leopoldo Torre Nilsson, 1963) | Restored by GOTIKA

Sound Restoration

Once extracted the clicks and crackles different filters were individually configured focused on remove each of the noise profiles. Besides the broadband noise, ground loops noise present in the lines of the tension of the equipment used during the recording process was removed. In this manner, we get more presence and dialog intelligibility and the appearance of low-level sounds like environments, FX and Foley who were masked by noise. This way the original audio restoration process got a significant improvement of dynamic range and crest factor throughout the project. The audio remastering was continued, focusing attention in multiscreen mastering.

2K, Full HD, HeritageSergio Rentero