Los Bañeros Más Locos Del Mundo (Carlos Galettini, 1987)


A Landmark

On January 9th, 2014, GOTIKA reopened in all cinemas across the country the remastered version of Los Bañeros Más Locos del Mundo in 3D and 2D. 27 years ago the film was first released in theaters, popularly becoming a landmark of national cinema. After all these years, GOTIKA got the original 35mm film (with the passage of time's logical problems) and restore it to bring it to a digital format with image and sound quality aligned to Hollywood today offers. With this substantial added value, the reopening of this classic was on January 9th, 2014 in cinemas across the country.

Digital Restoration and Color Grading Demo.

About the Process

Scanning. The original negative of the film "35mm" was carefully analyzed and repaired for scanning at high resolution. This process was made possible by a 35mm film scanner and produced a sequence of images that exceed the HD raster size, thus obtaining a greater definition, quality of colors and details never seen before. The sound was also digitized (without any compression) at high resolution and sampling frequency.

Digital restoration. The images then passed to digital restoration stations where typical imperfections, such as the old problems (stains, scratches, and fungus) were removed from each frame of the film which, in this case, have more than 122,000 frames. Additionally, the stability problems, splice bumps, excessive grain or out-of-focus were solved or improved.

Color. The next step was the primary and secondary color correction, working with masks, selective colors and effects to revitalize the original colors and add more sophisticated treatments used in current Hollywood movies.

Sound. For sound, it took an equal treatment as complex as the image. Common problems such as excessive noise, clicks, saturation or imbalances were removed to recreate and enhance the surround sound mixing to 5.1.

Before/After | Los Bañeros Más Locos Del Mundo (Carlos Galettini, 1987) | Restored by GOTIKA

The Result

The reopening of Los Bañeros Más Locos del Mundo was an entirely new experience, even for those who have already enjoyed. Not only for the chance to see this milestone Argentine humor in a movie theater but this time the quality will widely surpass the original first exhibited nearly three decades ago.

Before/After | Los Bañeros Más Locos Del Mundo (Carlos Galettini, 1987) | Restored by GOTIKA

Sound Restoration

The audio had several common issues of that Argentine film era. Once extracted the clicks and crackles different filters were individually configured focused on remove each of the noise profiles. Besides the broadband noise, ground loops noise present in the lines of a tension of the equipment used during the recording process was removed. In this manner, we get more presence and dialog intelligibility and the appearance of low-level sounds like environments, FX and Foley who were masked by noise. This way the original audio restoration process got a significant improvement of dynamic range and crest factor throughout the project. The audio remastering was continued, focusing attention on the balance of the stereo image and phase coherence between left and right channels. Resonant frequencies, peaks and average values were controlled to insert the material into the transmission protocol standards required by the customer.