The Sandro Collection


Muchacho (Boy)

The Sandro Collection Project has ten films (plus inedit one). We decide to use the movie Muchacho (Boy) as the flagship of restoration and reopening project. You can watch the video featured in this article the sample of the outstanding restoration work on the legendary film directed by Leo Fleider and starring Sandro. In the new version you can see image on the side of the screen. On this demo you can see the version currently showing on television (upconverted), the original scanned version, and the restored, colorized and mastered version.

Digital Restoration and Color Grading Demo.

The Collection

  • Quiero Llenarme De Ti (Emilio Vieyra, 1969)
  • La Vida Continúa (Emilio Vieyra, 1969)
  • Muchacho (Leo Fleider, 1970)
  • Gitano (Emilio Vieyra, 1970)
  • Embrujo De Amor (Leo Fleider, 1971)
  • Siempre Te Amaré (Leo Fleider, 1971)
  • Destino De Un Capricho (Leo Fleider, 1972)
  • El Deseo De Vivir (Julio Saraceni, 1973)
  • Operación Rosa Rosa (Leo Fleider, 1974)
  • Subí Que Te Llevo (Rubén W. Cavallotti, 1980)

Before/After | Embrujo De Amor (Leo Fleider, 1971) | Restored by GOTIKA

Songs and Reopening

To get the incredible results that can be seen in the sample, we worked with original negatives scanned frame by frame for maximum resolution and fixity. To avoid stress on original materials, we used an innovative treatment of dry cleaning and digital cleaning frame by frame. Color grading scene by scene made respecting the original version but matching to current standards. For the reconstruction of the soundtrack we used remastered versions of Sandro's classical songs. The project includes the reopening the movie in cinemas, television, and Internet.

Before/After | Siempre Te Amaré (Leo Fleider, 1971) | Restored by GOTIKA