La Mary (Daniel Tinayre, 1974)


Outstanding Work

A sample of the outstanding restoration work on the legendary film directed by Daniel Tinayre and starring Susana Giménez and Carlos Monzón. In the new version, you can see image on the side of the screen. On this demo, you can see the version currently showing on television (up-converted), the original scanned version, and the restored, colorized and mastered version.

Digital Restoration and Color Grading Demo.

Avoid Stress

To get the incredible results that can be seen in the sample, we worked with original negatives, and inter-positives scanned frame by frame for maximum resolution and fixity. To avoid stress on original materials, we used an innovative treatment of dry cleaning and digital cleaning frame by frame.
Color grading scene by scene made respecting the original version but matching to current standards. For the reconstruction of the soundtrack, we have the invaluable help of the creator of the original music, Luis María Serra.

Before/After | La Mary (Daniel Tiinayre, 1974) | Restored by GOTIKA


The restoration is part of a project to reopening the movie in cinemas. The director of both companies, Sergio Rentero, and the producer and distributor of film and television Juan Crespo (3C GROUP FILMS), joined forces for the reopening of this cult film in FULL HD and recreated 5.1 SURROUND SOUND. The classic film starring Susana Gimenez and Carlos Monzon will be reopening through an event that will be broadcast in cinemas and theaters around the country equipped with the latest digital projection technology; and then will display exclusively in digital cinemas.

Before/After | La Mary (Daniel Tiinayre, 1974) | Restored by GOTIKA

Sound Restoration

Once extracted the clicks and crackles different filters were individually configured focused on remove each of the noise profiles. Besides the broadband noise, ground loops noise present in the lines of the tension of the equipment used during the recording process was removed. In this manner, we get more presence and dialog intelligibility and the appearance of low-level sounds like environments, FX and Foley who were masked by noise. This way the original audio restoration process got a significant improvement of dynamic range and crest factor throughout the project. The audio remastering was continued, focusing attention in multiscreen mastering.