CNCINE Ecuador


National Film Board of Ecuador

In 2010 and 2011, GOTIKA completed a tender for the National Film Board of Ecuador (Consejo Nacional de Cine de Ecuador CNCINE) to scan, restore and remaster for DVD four Ecuadorian emblematic films.

Demo or Restoration and Color Correction.

The Films

  • Dos Para El Camino (Jaime Cuesta and Alfonso Naranjo, 1980)
  • La Tigra (Camilo Luzuriaga, 1990)
  • Fuera De Juego (Víctor Arregui, 2002)
  • Ratas Ratones Rateros (Sebastián Cordero, 1999)

Before/After | La Tigra (Camilo Luzuriaga, 1990) | Restored by GOTIKA


The tender included physical restore of film negative, digital scanning and digital restoration and remastering.
One of the most important issues of the job was to work with the government of Ecuador to subtitling films at Kichwa aboriginal language.

The tender was fulfilled in the terms set, surpassing the final expected quality, considering the state of the originals assets.

Before/After | Ratas Ratones Rateros (Sebastián Cordero, 1999) | Restored by GOTIKA

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