Film Research and Archaeology

For each project, GOTIKA undertakes a complete process that involves gathering historical and technical information related to the project, researching the availability of the best film sources, as well as other related media that can aid in the restoration process. Every discovery and every step is fully documented for future utilization.

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Film Cleaning, Repair and Scanning

Film cleaning and handmade repairs are done accordingly to the condition of the film to avoid unnecessary stress and chemical processes that can generate degradation of the film support. GOTIKA's technology allows high-speed frame by frame scanning, using the latest methods such as high dynamic range and infrared reading of dirt, retaining the quality of the original film in its digital counterpart. Regarding the sound, GOTIKA can digitize from positive and negative optical sound tracks, both variable area and density, as well as magnetic sound tracks. GOTIKA provides Film Cleaning, Repair and Scanning services ON SITE WORLDWIDE to avoid unnecessary handling of heritage assets. The services include inspection, cataloging and labelling.

Un guapo del 900 (Lautaro Murúa, 1971)

Tape Cleaning, Repair and Digitization

GOTIKA's tape digitization service includes all historical video and audio formats and systems. From Quadruplex to XDCAM. Before digitization, every tape is visually inspected to decide upon the cleaning and repair processes. GOTIKA provides Tape Cleaning, Repair and Digitization services ON SITE WORLDWIDE to avoid unnecessary handling of heritage assets. The services include inspection, cataloging and labelling.

Prima rock (Osvaldo Andéchaga, 1971)

Film and Video Restoration

GOTIKA works in a non-destructive workflow specifically designed to achieve the best possible quality for every project. GOTIKA specializes in frame-by-frame repairing all the serious film problems like dirt, dust, scratches, vertical lines, drops, warps, tears, instability, flicker, noise, grain, channel align or missed frames without affecting the original source material. GOTIKA also recreates optical titles and credit sequences among other visual effects with the latest digital tools.

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Color Correction
Mastering, Encoding and DCP

In order to recover the original look and working with the Film Research and Archaeology Department, GOTIKA's experts color grades and corrects according to the original aesthetic decisions. The multiscreen mastering includes deliverables for cinema, television and Internet up to 4K resolutions, and complying SMPTE, ITU, AES, EBU and DCI standards among others.

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Sound Restoration

GOTIKA restores problems such as excessive presence of noise, clicks, saturation, unbalanced mixes or out-of-phase to enhance mono mixes to upmix them in stereo, stereo mixes to upmix them in 5.1 surround with real center, Music & Effects mixes or even Dolby® Digital and DTS® encoding on films or embedded in broadcast masters using Dolby® E system. High-resolution loudness normalization complies with recommendations by ITU and EBU for determining subjective program loudness and true-peak signal level.

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After years of work and expertise, GOTIKA has invested in the best tools and equipment of this audiovisual market. Our technology includes software and hardware of the most important and experienced companies of digital cinema and broadcast business like: DIGITAL VISION®, LASERGRAPHICS®, AVID®, PRO TOOLS®, ASSIMILATE®, BLACKMAGIC DESIGN®, DIGIMETRICS®, DOLBY®
DELL® and IBM® provides storage, networks and archiving systems. All connected through high-speed fiber optics.

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